How Do You Know You Have Depression?

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Oh, it is just so easy to say that you have depression. But if you could be honest with yourself, nine times out of ten, you’ll just be thinking to yourself that you’re feeling depressed. That sentiment is not literal. It is an expression of your innermost thoughts. Strictly speaking, you might not even have depression, just a very bad day. It is left up to practitioners down at the depression treatment clearwater center to make the determination.

On the other hand, your general practitioner could be telling you this. He could do this if he is an experienced practitioner. But strictly speaking, he is not being literal. How else could he put it? In the process he could be prescribing psychiatric treatment alongside of prescribing a mild anti-depressant until such time that you are officially in therapy. On the other hand, he may make no such medication prescription. Depending on how seriously he regards your symptoms he may wish to impress upon you that you need to see the psychiatrist at the earliest opportunity.

And after your first psychiatric evaluation, which is usually fairly short, the psychiatrist will be prescribing a more appropriate form of medication. It could happen during the first two sessions, it may only happen later, but it is left to the clinical psychiatrist to formally confirm that you are indeed suffering from a form of clinical depression. The level of depression that you are suffering from should be clearly outlined.

This helps you to understand and appreciate what you are going through. And what you need to do to ensure that you start getting better. Standard procedure is for you to be in therapy for at least half a dozen sessions or so at the minimum.